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Center for Integrated Counseling 
and Welln

Discover a change in you!

Engaging in the process of psychotherapy invites you to become more self-aware. This heightened awareness can inspire and encourage you to seek changes in your relationship with yourself and others. We join in collaboration with our clients to better understand past and present experiences and how they currently affect life options, choices, and decisions. We draw upon clients’ emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resilience to support healing and engagement in life.

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Phone Number: 347-531-4099

Fax Number: 614-376-0517 


Address: 7235 Sawmill Road Suite 101

             Dublin, Ohio 43016

Office Hours: 

Monday: 9am- 5pm

Tuesday: 9am- 7pm

Wednesday: 9am- 7pm

Thursday: 9am- 5pm

Friday: 9am- 5pm


Now offering Telehealth and evening hours

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