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Mirela Fodor-Nagy, LPCC-S

I specialize in the treatment of chronic emotional dysregulation using EMDR, somatic experiencing and parts work to assist you in understanding how your nervous system works based on your relational experiences. Adverse experiences teach you to close your heart and armor up. Healing teaches you to open your heart and boundary up.

I am passionate about working with people with mood and anxiety disorders, survivors of adverse childhood experiences, trauma and PTSD, addictions and compulsive behaviors, parenting, and high conflict couples and families.


Alison Stagg, LPC

I'm here for you. I'm here to help you experience a space where you feel heard, seen, and validated first. Once this space exists, you can be free to lay everything out on the table. You can examine every part, understand how and why those parts came to be, explore the fascinating story that is your life, and figure out ways to get where you want to go.
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Julie Knorr
 Counselor in training

Do you ever feel out of control in your own body? Like you don’t know how to bring yourself back? Reaching out for help can be very difficult and can create even more anxiety among ourselves. I can offer you a safe and welcoming environment to help eliminate some of those anxieties. I want you to feel like you are in a comfortable environment to discuss stressful life events and overwhelming emotions with the support you need. I am a counselor in training under the supervision of Mirela Fodor-Nagy, LPCC-S while I complete my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. 

I am very passionate about working with children and adolescents who are going through major life changes. I am currently working as a Behavioral Health Technician at The Emily Program and have a lot of experience working with children and adolescents who are diagnosed with eating disorders. I hope to help those in this age group work through various things such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and other areas. 

A few fun facts about me are I enjoy coming home every day to my three cats and I love watching hockey. 

Andrea Beavers, LPC


Learning about and coping with mental health is a lifelong journey that takes collaborative and
creative effort to achieve. I specialize in trauma-informed counseling and am trained in EMDR. I
have experience working with various traumas (attachment, trauma-based codependency, abandonment, early loss, and violence), mental health crises, and high-conflict relationship dynamics. My clientele includes, but is not limited to, people who struggle with mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, trauma-related experiences, PTSD,
and ADHD. I work with all ages, cultural backgrounds, mental health concerns, and basic living
needs. I aim to create a safe, empathetic environment that allows for learning, growth, and

John Mediatore, LPC


Everyone experiences challenges in life, whether these arise from relationship difficulties, adverse childhood experiences, genetic predisposition, trauma, or other stressors.  I am deeply committed to providing a space where clients feel safe, seen, and accepted in order to work through issues that are causing difficulty and emotional distress.  For it is in a place of safety and understanding where healing can take place. I specialize in treating mood and anxiety disorders using a trauma-Informed lens and a wide range of evidence-based approaches for people ranging from teens through adults. I am passionate about helping people to overcome challenges and experience more joy and satisfaction in living.

Beatriz Lagarto
Counselor in Training

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