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Individual Counseling

     Emotions can be painful, messy, and inconvenient, but there are no "wrong" emotions to have. Whatever you're feeling, it's telling you something important about what you want, need, and value. Trying to control or deny your feelings gets in the way of understanding that message and making sense of your experience. It also makes it more likely that your emotions will erupt in unhelpful ways.

     Feeling intense emotions is scary for a reason: because when we break down emotionally, we can actually experience a repeat of our traumas, or a retraumatization experience. We are not fully aware that we are creating and re-creating our past trauma response. The solution is our own awareness and connection to our feelings and sensations. This is how we can slowly release your survival responses and let go of your self protective reactions. 

     Our clinicians use an integrated, science-backed approach in the context of a warm, responsive relationship to assist you in your journey of becoming a regulated and resilient human. 

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