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Relationship Difficulties

Signs that you may need help:

Between a couple:

  • feeling fundamentally dissatisfied with the relationship

  • disappointment in the relationship is constant

  • fighting often, but no resolution is found, and you just feel worn out

  • feel completely disconnected

  • lack of communication

  • loss of sex and vitality

  • loss of good feelings and friendship

  • feeling sadness, worry, tension, or depression

Between parents:

  • using the legal system to fight with each other

  • putting down or bad-mouthing the other parent

  • using the children as message carriers or to spy on the other parent

  • experiencing high levels of conflict where the children repeatedly try to stop the fighting

  • relying on the children for a high level of emotional support and major responsibilities in the home

  • experiencing depression and/or anxiety

In children with parents that fight:

  • acting younger than their chronological age

  • fear of being apart from parent(s)

  • moodiness, sadness, depression, guilt

  • acting out, manipulation

  • sleep or eating problems

  • a change in a child’s personality

  • academic and peer problems

  • irrational fear and/or compulsive behavior

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